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Who We are

ProServe Arabia

Proserve is a Saudi Arabia based Industrial & Construction service providers to meet the ever growing demands of construction industry which has been a challenge & Proserve has been established to cater the needs of these industrial sectors. We offer wide range of industrial solutions that ranges from Electrical, Mechanical & Civil construction services, to general services such as Equipment supply.

We are committed to form a long term relationship with our clients by providing high quality workmanship, punctual delivery & competitive prices without compromise in quality. Proserve is an Aramco approved vendor bearing the vendor code 10049726.

Mission & Vision

Quality & reliability

Our Mission

To provide our clients services and solutions that will enable them to realize their goals while achieving higher profits, in a safe and secure way.

Our Vision

To deliver high quality services to our valuable clients thereby achieving highest standards of quality, reliability, trust and satisfaction..


Proserve Has Served

Our Works

Completed & Ongoing Projects

We've completed many projects across KSA and are working on few projects currently. Below are some of the pictures of some of our works.

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Featured Services

We provide wide range of Industrial Support services in par with the Industry Standards across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have top notch team and equipment to serve these purposes, thus making us one of the best in the industry.

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Our services

Road Marking & Sign Boards

We at Proserve are familiar in providing all range of Road Works to its valuable clients. Proserve has enormous experience in providing Road Works like Road Marking Works and Safety Sign Boards.

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Our services

Fence Works

We are specialized in all types of fence works. We work on different types of fencing such as Wood, Vinyl, PVC, Wrought Iron, Chain Link and Aluminum.

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Our services

Site Preparation

We have the experience to perform the broad scope of site preparation needs. We are expertise in tasks of installing underground drainage, directional water flow as well as water, sewer, firewater installation and repairs. Our Site Preparation Division can perform the essential tasks needed for various projects that will follow.

We have performed preparation for building construction, new unit installation, foundation work, and more. Along with our Concrete Services our Site Preparation Service can perform turnkey site needs.

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Our services

HVAC Works

HVAC is one of the very important aspects of any structure. The heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems drive occupant comfort in buildings. HVAC systems control the air temperature, of course, but also to intake outside air, exhaust or filter contaminated air and efficiently use energy. We at Proserve provide top notch HVAC systems installation and maintenance service.

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Our services

Water Proofing

Our experience in below and above grade waterproofing and weatherproofing spans the entire spectrum of building types, environmental and site conditions. From sheet waterproofing to Hot-Fluid applied waterproofing Proserve has the ability to handle all of the specific needs that you may have. Over the years, ProServe has been successfully waterproofing new buildings, manufacturing plants, water treatment plants and transit stations. Proserve's experience with many large projects has demonstrated and sharpened our diverse skill sets. We specialize in interior and exterior expansion joint systems. Sealing and caulking of wall systems, ooring systems, and above and below grade waterproofing are also within our areas of expertise. Our crews have vast experience with working in congested urban sites and take every safety precaution during construction.

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Our services

Asphalt Works

We are expertised in Asphalt paving and repairs. We are well experienced in Asphalt Repair like repairing damaged asphalt surfaces due to tree roots, over-use, water intrusion leading to potholes, excessive large vehicle traffic, and old age. At Proserve we are well versed in Asphalt Overlay i.e., re-layering of new asphalt over existing asphalt and Asphalt Reconstruction i.e., process of completely removing the existing pavement down to the sub-base level of base course, evaluating the existing sub-base (sometimes requires additional base course to be added), re-compaction of subbase component, and re-paving with new asphalt.

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Our services

Structural & Piping

At Proserve we provide world-class, comprehensive construction services in the steelwork, mechanical and piping disciplines. Our value-added construction services are offered to the following sectors: chemicals, oil and gas, power, metals, pulp and paper, food and beverage, industrial and mining. We provide a broad range of field construction services that include modular and conventional ('stick-built') construction, project management, construction inspection and management, scheduling, welding and quality assurance, plant start-ups and commissioning.

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Our services

Fire Fighting

At Proserve we are at the top notch in installation and testing of firefighting piping and sprinklers, fire hose reels and fire extinguishers

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Our services

Finishing Works

We can finish any building up to the smallest detail – from the insulation, plastering and puttying, putting terracotta, faience, gypsum board for walls and ceiling, sanitary ware, parquet, laminated ooring, decorative plaster, painting, putting wallpaper, etc. up to the finest finishing works which only professional designers would take on – stained glass, plastic arts, decorative wall panels, interior wall murals, etc.

Trust us and we will create the ambience in all areas of the project – both indoor and outdoor. Our team of works in complete synchronization so that when the project is finished you will be more than pleased with the final result. We believe that there is a lot of charm in the smallest details and that is why we strive to give our clients the highest quality and beauty – from the conceptual stage of the project to the fully finished design.

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Our services

Equipment Rental

Proserve provides short-term and long-term equipment rentals. We are ready to help with quality equipment and top-level service. We can even customize a rental program suited exclusively to meet clients' needs. Proserve will continue to grow and aspires to provide premier rental services. Our extensive eet of rental equipment includes general construction equipment, industrial tools, pumps, power generation, trench shoring, scaffolding, remediation and more.

  • Crane
  • Forkk Lift
  • Dump Truck
  • Backhoe
  • Loader
  • Excavator
  • Trailor
  • Towerlight
  • Generators
  • Compressors
  • Welding Machine
  • Man Lift
  • Bobcat
  • Diesel Tanker
  • Water Tanker

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Our services

Manpower & Industrial Services

We at Proserve are specialized at providing manpower for all your needs in fields like Engineering, Safety, QA/QC and Skilled Labor.

Proserve provides industrial services to various industries across Saudi Arabia. We provide services like Diesel Supply, Water Supply and Portable Toilets.

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Our services

Trading Services

Our trading services division provides extensive service to Oil and Natural Gas Industries, Construction, Fabrication and other industries. We also provide Mechanical, Civil & Electrical materials conforming to various standards.

  • Pipes, Valves & Fitting
  • One Part Polyurethane Sealant
  • Back Up Rod
  • Resin Bonded Cork Sheet
  • Two Components Sealant
  • Filler / Fiber Board
  • PVC Water Stops
  • Gypsum Board
  • Galv. Stud / Runner
  • Intermediate Ceiling Channel
  • Thin Coat Plaster Bead
  • Perimeter Angle
  • Ceiling System Accessories
  • Gypsum Joint Compound
  • Hollow Tubes / Bars
  • Cement Board
  • Cable Glands
  • Joint Tape
  • Polystyrene Board

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